The Universal Web Design Directory will not accept all websites submitted. We may get back to you if there was a problem with your companies website, please do not resubmit (this will normally send you to the back of the queue). In order to ensure that our users only receive quality web design companies within our directory - your site MUST;

  1. Have web design / development as the primary focus of the website
  2. Have a professional look and presentation which must be viewable on common browsers
  3. Have been established for over one year.
  4. Have a portfolio section which shows past work. Previous websites must be easy to access from your portfolio.
  5. Be in English
  6. Your companies website must not be banned by any popular search engines.
  7. Not use any questionable methods to game search engines (ie. hiding text or links)<.li>
  8. Not be hosted on a free hosting service (like geocities for instance)
  9. Not use any type of redirect to another domain

Satisfying all the previous points does not guarantee a listing in the UWDD. Other factors can greatly increase the chance of being listed such as a impressive portfolio or having valid and accessible mark-up - which we feel is something all professional web designers should be familiar with.

We do check our current listings to ensure they do still comply with these guidelines. If you find any website not complying please inform us.